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Let us MEET again!

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Spectral Shaping for Biomedical and Energy Applications


Spectral Shaping for Biomedical and Energy Applications

SHIFT 2022 - Spectral sHapIng For biomedical and energy applicaTions Tenerife, Canary Islands
10-14th October, 2022

wavelength conversion processes (up-conversion, down shifting, TTA), photochemistry, photocatalysis, solar fuels, artificial photosynthesis, plasmonics, photoelectrocatalysis, luminescent solar concentrators, dye-sensitized solar cells, perovskites solar cells, light trapping devices, nanophotonics, anti-counterfeiting, solar lasers, bioimaging, fluorescent bioprobes, nanothermometry, nano-optical sensors, phototherapy, nano-bio interaction, DNA-modified nanoparticles, optogenetics, superresolution microscopy, switchable fluorescent proteins, light-gated ion channels and transporters…and many other promising and not yet fully explored routes! And with an eye put on critical materials and rare-earth resource.


Let us MEET again,
Let us SHARE and discuss science again, let us SHIFT… AGAIN!
In Tenerife, Canary Islands, next OCTOBER 2022, the SHIFT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!

SHIFT 2022 will provide an unparalleled forum for fruitful scientific discussions at an outstanding destination. With prestigious plenary and keynote speakers and also bridging the gap between young emerging scientists and consolidated researchers. This is the SHIFT spirit. But attendees will not only represent academia – a number of representatives from industry and government who share common objectives both in terms of fundamental science and commercial applications will be present. Industrial companies can benefit from special low tax incentives for R+D that the Canary Islands offer, as a strategic logistic platform, a tri-continental hub.

SHIFT 2022 will also have a SOCIAL emphasis; let us share our time together again! A complete social program is planned throughout the entire week, including for accompanying persons, in a first-class global tourist destination. This wonderful atmosphere at SHIFT 2022 will also be complemented with a great variety of activities, such as public lectures, round tables, full TV and media coverage and other surprises!

It would be our great honour to have you onboard for the success of SHIFT 2022. Gathering all of you is such a pleasure and a responsibility for any scientific conference. But I would say more, the relevance of SHIFT 2022 goes beyond the high quality of its scientific content, completely assured with your outstanding participation. We are convinced that SHIFT 2022 will imply the importance of returning to scientific in-person meetings! Scientific conferences have been, and will continue to be, instrumental in the progress of science. It is not only about the talks, the papers published, the posters, the presentations. It is about the personal face to face encounters, the discussions during the coffee breaks by the networking lunches and the gala dinner. It is that brilliant idea or those synergies that could appear sharing the Conference lunch during the excursion to El Teide volcano National Park or during a nice walk through the historical UNESCO World Heritage venue city of La Laguna. Unexpected inspiring ideas and connections, new visions, new approaches are gestated in those moments.

For all of the above, let us SHIFT again! Next autumn 2022 the SHIFT will be BACK, shining a light on biomedical and energy applications: with news insights into the biomedical field to “cure the people”, and with groundbreaking achievements in renewable energies to “heal the world”. The SHIFT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! And this is mainly because of you! You are making SHIFT possible! Hopefully we will SHIFT again after these uncertain times! You can bet that! SCIENCE will lead the way!

Thank you very much on behalf of my colleagues at the Organizing Committee.

Dr. Jorge Méndez-Ramos
Conference Chairman SHIFT2022
Universidad de La Laguna
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Organizing Committee

Maurizio Ferrari IFN-CNR Trento - Italy
Nazario Martín Univ. Complutense Madrid - Spain
Eva Hemmer Univ. Ottawa - Canada
Teresa Giraldez Univ. La Laguna - Tenerife - Spain
José Marqués-Hueso Univ. Heriot Watt Edinburgh - United Kingdom
Amador Menéndez Centro Tecnológico Idonial - Asturias - Spain
Andrew Plested Humboldt University Berlin - Germany
Jorge Méndez-Ramos Chairman
Univ. La Laguna - Tenerife - Spain

Local Organizing Committee

Javier del-Castillo - Dpto. Física, Univ. La Laguna, Spain
Pablo Acosta-Mora - Dpto. Física, Univ. La Laguna, Spain
Sheila Torres-García - Dpto. Física, Univ. La Laguna, Spain
Belinda Rivero-Pérez - Fac. Ciencias de la Salud- Instituto de Tecnologías Biomédicas, Univ. La Laguna, Spain
Diego Lozano-Gorrín - Dpto. Química Inorgánica, Univ. La Laguna, Spain
Lucía Labrador-Páez - Applied Physics Department. Royal institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
José Juan Lozano-García, Renewable Energy "Ventolera-Canaria" Inc., Spain
Marc Campeny, Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Barcelona, Spain




Dr. Jorge Méndez-Ramos
Universidad de La Laguna

Technical Secretary SHIFT 2022

Elena González Cuesta
Magna Congresos S.L.

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