Visit of Pablo Hernández (Canary Island Special Economic Zone, ZEC) to Jennifer Dionne´s lab at Stanford


We thank very much the hospitality of Jennifer Dionne and her group at Stanford University for welcoming Pablo Hernández, President of one of our very important institutional sponsors of SHIFT 2022, Canary Island Special Economic Zone (ZEC),

We are really looking forward to meet our Plenary Speaker, Jen Dionne, and the rest of our confirmed speakers (up to 70 universities from 21 countries so far confirmed) this fall in Tenerife (10-14th October)

SHIFT is coming! SHIFT 2022 is definitely here!

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Dr. Jorge Méndez-Ramos
Universidad de La Laguna

Technical Secretary SHIFT 2022

Elena González Cuesta
Magna Congresos S.L.

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